A close up view of the Clashmore Distillery Chimney

The Community Council has received a grant from Waterford Leader Partnership to carry out a structural survey of the chimney, to see what its condition is and what the costs would be of stabilizing the structure.

We don’t want it to fall down.

Snippet of History

The Clashmore Distillery once produced 20,000 gallons a year. Established by the 12th. Earl of Huntingdon, Lord Hastings. It operated from 1835 to 1840 and was operated for him by the Dennehy family of Laurentum House. As was almost customary at the time an illicit store of whiskey produced to evade excise tax was secretly stored in the cellar of an adjoining house. The distillery ceased operating around 1840 and was used later as part of the large Flour Mill adjacent to it, which in turn ceased to operate c. 1897.

The Survey

The Community Council obtained the services of local resident and expert drone user, Kacper Kudlacik to conduct stage 1 of the survey and the video below shows the result.

The Survey report should be produced by the end of April and will give an idea of the costs involved in making the chimney secure for another 100 years. The Community Council will then need to explore ways of raising the money needed.




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