Lisa O’Neill Coming to Clashmore

Lisa O’Neill

Lisa O’Neill will be playing at the Clashmore Strings & Things Festival 2018


Lisa O’Neill started writing songs and music at an early age in her native Ballyhaise, Co. Cavan, Ireland. has an albumAfter moving to Dublin at the age of 18 to study music on a full-time basis she found a home with the folk and traditional scene in pubs and venues around the city where her singular voice, witty lyrics and observations on modern Irish life gained her popularity and set her apart as a unique talent.

In August 2009 she released her debut album with a title of “Has an Album”, the album quickly sold out throughout the country, since then she has released two more Albums “Same Cloth or Not” released in 2013 and “Pothole in the Sky” released in 2016

Lisa is sure to be very popular this June Bank Holiday Weekend at the Clashmore Strings & Things Festival 2018




Lisa O’Neill – No Train To Cavan on Today Fm


Lisa O’Neill Music

Pothole in the Sky
22 April 2016 – Plateau Records

1. Pothole In The Sky
2. Red Geansaí
3. Planets
4. To Know About The Divil
5. Nasty
6. Seven Sisters
7. Gormlaith’s Grieving
8. Black Sheep
9. The Banjo Spell
10. The Hunt

Same Cloth Or Not
Released October 2013

1. England Has My Man
2. Cowards Corner
3. Neillie’s song
4. Apiana
5. Come Sit Sing
6. Speed Boat
7. No Train To Cavan
8. Same Cloth Or Not
9. Darkest Winter
10. Dreaming

has an album
Released 2009

1. I Painted My Nails So Pretty
2. Bobby D
3. It’s Not Your Fault That Your A Man
4. Crazy Clown
5. Positive Bubble
6. Autumn Dance
7. Anonlikely Scale
8. Work to the Bone
9. Pocket Full of Piggies
10. I’m Gonna Get Me To The Road
11. Chris
12. Sparkle
13. 2 Guitars

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