New website By Killian

Killian Mc Grath has just finished the Community Council website, it currently resides at

Under the Groups/Clubs tap there is a list of Groups and Clubs associated with the local area, Killian would like those pages to have a nice little summary of what they area about and contact details, a picture would be nice also.

An Events Calendar is also in prominent position on the site and if all the clubs could let us know when their events are coming up we could have the Calendar be a one stop shop for all activities in the area.

Under the Services tab we have a Business Directory, currently the business descriptions are short but these can be expanded to include a longer description and a few pictures can be added also if desired.Yaaa! Killian



I have also stuck my pic on the bottom right hand corner of the website 🙂

About this post and how to put up a post like this

Posts can be added to this website in two ways, under the add new post Icon on the dashboard when a user logs in and via email.

Adding a post by using the dashboard

is shown on the video below, after the post is added then it will show up automatically on the home page under the Recent News section and also can be found by clicking under the “NEWS” link on the Menu, posts are divided into categories and these categories  will show up posts relevant to them when clicked on, or just Clicking on the “NEWS2 link will show up all posts in chronological order.

The youtube video below is put in place by inserting the youtube link into the post where you would like the video to appear


Adding a post by email

At the time of writing this, post images are not coming in by email but this will be resolved soon.

Obviously now we won’t be putting up the email for the site here for all and sundry to see 😐

The email subject is used as your post’s title.

The body is the post’s contents. Please note you can only post to one recipient at a time.


Image attachments will be included in your published post as follows:

  • Single images will be displayed inline (a single image is defined as an image without an image immediately following it).
  • Multiple images will be displayed as a gallery.

Multiple galleries and single images are allowed in the same post. Note that using the [nogallery] shortcode will disable all galleries.


Example Email with Shortcodes

The following email will be published in two days’ time to the “WordPress” category, with tags “announcement” and “WordPress”:

Welcome to Post by Email, the easiest way to blog!

[tags announcement, WordPress]

[category WordPress] [delay +2 days]



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