Friday night (21st September) is Culture night in Clashmore

What’s Happening

Clashmore Strings and Things Festival committee  are staging a new play by Emma O’Grady at the Old Schoolhouse in Clashmore called “What Good is Looking Well When You’re Rotten on the Inside?”. The play is on a National tour of venues and we are delighted to be hosting it at the Schoolhouse.

The play is written and performed  by Emma O’Grady and the story she writes is about her grandfather.

Where and what time

  • Where: Old Schoolhouse Clashmore
  • Start Time: 8:00pm Sharp
  • Tickets are €12.00 per person and as usual
  • Tickets €12.00 can be purchased at the door on the night but it is advisable to text Liz or Geoff in advance to book your place on 087 414 8651 or 086 045 4458 or you can message them on facebook.

What’s it about

What Good is Looking Well When You’re Rotten on the Inside?

One month before his death, retired civil servant and man of few words Paddy O’Grady had a sudden urge to talk. Using a portable cassette tape recorder, he recorded 15 hours of material: stories about leprechauns, aliens and lonely pharmacists; absurdist political satire; musings on life, love and death; radio shows with advertisements for products that never existed; ballads and poetry; and memories of life as a civil servant.

Paddy’s granddaughter, Emma O’Grady, later discovered he had written plays, poems and short stories in the 1950s and until now his work has been without an audience. This one-woman show – created with multiple directors – examines the fractured and fragile personas we present to the world, who we might be behind them and what we could be instead. What Good is Looking Well When You’re Rotten on the Inside? is a piece about emotional inheritance and grief for wasted creativity that serves as both a tribute and a warning.

Supported by the Arts Council, Galway City Council, Galway Theatre Festival, Mermaid Arts Centre, Áras Éanna (Inis Oírr) and Laois County Council.

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